Moira Lumpkin, Artist

Link to photo of Moira Lumpkin and her art

Exhibit Dates

The exhibit will be open June 3-29.  


San Diego-based artist Moira Lumpkin creates paintings using acrylic on canvas. Her style is a blend of modernist abstract styles - strong brush strokes, rich textures and vibrant colors.
Living in southern California, her love for the ocean and the protection of its beauty and resources is unconditional. This deep love of the ocean has given inspiration to many of her paintings - some themes include surf and landscapes from local landmarks and locations, sky and ocean, or sometimes figures or ideas that convey a message.
Her paintings feature natural color pigments using high quality paints with the blending of colors and abstract concepts, with a focus on capturing the moment from her mind's eye for the viewer's perspective of the image. She tries to instill more of an abstract vision in her art as opposed to looking at a photo image, leaving enough room for the viewer's imagination.


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