Tokeli, Artist

Feb 2019

Exhibit Dates

The exhibit will be open Jan 31-Feb 23. 


Tokeli is a multidimensional painter, composer and writer who expresses in mixed media and music what one would call ”consciousness,” or the theatre of perceptual awareness. A traumatic fall down a flight of stairs catapulted the artist into a transformative out of body experience which led to a deeper understanding or revelations about the second self.  Tokeli synesthetically articulates the unified field of consciousness through the five physical senses, as well as the sixth sense. Tokeli’s paintings (acrylic, oil, lacquer, salt, etc.) depict levels and variances of consciousness. Each painting is associated with a piece of music of her composing and a philosophical writing. Spend some time with the work and be sure to read each exhibition tile and you will enjoy this deeper awareness and connection to the beauty and mystery of the human mind. 
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