Momo Becissa, Artist


Exhibit Dates

The exhibit will be open Aug 30-Oct 31 


"Diverse expressions"

I am a freelance abstract artist. I use different mediums in my art,with no reserve and no fear. I follow my artistic guts,leading me to get as close as possible to my inner feeling,through the spontaneous choice of my colors in the process of my painting techniques.
The everyday realities as an artist  i see unique faces, in  peoples expressions,attitudes optimism and concerns,are all versed in the mix of my colors,so everyone can see his reflexion and let the art work speak to him in the silent language of art.
There are many ways in our life,where people can come together. I think that in the diversity of this exhibit of my new collection, art will,one more time assure the perfect connection between people, towards peace and tranquility.


No reception.