Eliana Iurato, Artist


Exhibit Dates

**This show has been cancelled**

The exhibit will be open April 2-29.


My paintings reflect a transcendental reality that motivates contemplation and exploration of the soul. Two essential components of my art are movement and color. I invite the viewer to follow a visual rhythm suggesting that nothing is still but only a continuous flow of energy, and I like to apply hues of colors often playing them at a high key or flowing into each other in order to excite the eye and to invite an emotional reaction. I often aim to achieve a certain result using the manipulation of textures, images and colors. My work intertwines the representational with the abstract, to evoke a feeling rather than depicting a defined image. The images we immediately recognize are only a suggestion to bring the viewer to explore them in a more intimate and personal manner, to stir the imagination and to give the emotions a way to be finally tangible. I believe the viewers are the necessary extension of an artist since by merely observing they can pick up on the artist's feelings, or they can be aroused to certain feelings of their own. In this way we are all connected through that magical and invisible realm of the soul. 


No reception.